Adding a New Event on A Comprehensive Guide

Adding a New Event on A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to the world of event organizing on Ayatickets! In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps of creating a new event, ensuring you make the most of our platform's features to attract attendees and make your event a success.

Understanding Event Structure on Ayatickets

Multiple Event Dates: If your event spans several days, a calendar on the event page helps attendees choose the date that works best for them.
Ticket Varieties: Each event date can have multiple ticket types, each with its own quantity, price, and sales dates.

Adding Event Information

Event Overview

Category: Choose the most relevant category from the list managed through the 'Event > Categories' section.
Name: This translatable field should contain your event's name.
Description: A translatable text area equipped with a WYSIWYG editor for a detailed description of your event.

Social Media and Contact Links

Add optional links for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, external links, phone number, and email address.

Main Event Image

Choose an image that best represents your event. Recommended dimensions for portrait images are 1279x1751px, 1083x1350px, or 607x1080px. For landscape images, a minimum of 1200x600px (2:1 ratio) is recommended.

Event Time and Location

Event Date Management

Enable Sales: Toggling this option off stops the sale of tickets for that event date.
Start and End Dates: Specify the start and end dates of your event. Note that past events won’t appear in search results but will remain on sale at assigned points of sale.
Event Mode: Physical or Virtual - Choose between a physical venue from your list or set the event as an online event.

Assign scanner personnel for ticket validation, manageable via the 'My Scanners' section or the Ayatickets check-in app.

Event Date Tickets

Enable Sales: Control the sale of specific event date tickets.
Ticket Name: Designate each ticket type (e.g., Early Bird, General Admission, VIP).
Free Tickets: Ayatickets supports free ticketing.
Price and Quantity: Set the sale price and available quantity for each ticket. See pricing guide
Sale Start and End Dates: Specify the sale period for each ticket.*

Publishing Your Event

Add Event Buttons: Choose between saving your event as a draft or publishing it live.

Miscellaneous: Remember, an event can have multiple dates and ticket types, and the cart can contain varied tickets from different organizers.

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