Event Registration Software

Introducing AyaEvents

Invest in top-tier event management software to fuel your growth.

The all-in-one event management solution that Ayatickets offers gives event organizers the ability to boost their attendance numbers, engage their communities, and plan events with complete assurance. Our event registration technology is capable of working in a wide variety of settings, including

Event Registration

Guest List Check-in

Check-in management

Attendee Tracking

Tracking Conference, Seminar, Workshop Attendance

Use the most cutting-edge technology to make your events better.

Impress your attendees with a quick and simple check-in process.
Manage session access and track attendance with sms and email notifications
Provide a fully immersive experience with cashless payments and more

Access meaningful data insights to improve event ROI

Easily track attendance and see check in/check out data
View reports for session attendance
Receive full event demographic statistics and breakdowns

Software is available on Web, Android App & iOS App.



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