The payout request process

The payout request process

In this section, we are going to highlight the payout process, from its request, to its approval


A payout is requested by an organizer in order to receive his revenue for a specific event date.


  • A payout can only be requested if:
  • At least one payout method is already set by the organizer
  • The event date has a ticket that is not free
  • The organizer revenue from this event date is greater than zero
  • There is no other pending payout request

How to set a Payout Method

Log into your Organizer Dashboard

Scroll down on the menu on the right hand side,

Click on Payout >> Payout Methods


Pick you preferred Payout Method and Click on + Set


Fill in your payout details and and Save


After A Payment Informed is Saved


How to request a payout on Ayatickets?

Before requesting a payout, Organizers must set their payout method as shown above.


  • Organizers go the My events section in their dashboard
  • Select the three points next to the event, and choose Request payout
  • Choose the specific event date
  • Review the payout request details, choose a payment method from the ones you have set up and confirm


  • Ayatickets support will get in-touch within 8hours to verify and send the payment
  • Email notification are sent once the payout request is processed

the payout request submitted, the event date will be locked and the
sales will be suspended for the specific event date. Organizers can wait
until the start date of the event date before requesting the payout.
Organizers can cancel the payout request any time before it is

Video Tutorial

Need more help ? Click here to watch a detailed video tutorial on how to request a payout.


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