Private RSVP Service

Private RSVP Service

The abbreviation "RSVP" originates from the French phrase "Respondez s'il vous plait," which literally translates to "reply please." It is typically used in invitations for a broad variety of events, including wedding invitations and invitations to baby showers, among others. When a guest registers for an event online and indicates that they intend to attend, the host is immediately notified of this information.

Ayatickets gives users the ability to generate an online RSVP that directs guests to an event page.

The Ayatickets RSVP acts as a single hub where attendees can quickly offer their responses online. In addition, it provides you with all of the event planning tools you require to track responses, manage guest lists, and evaluate the effectiveness of your event.

Making it possible for loved ones to send in their comments through the internet is not only very convenient (and economical) for you, but it also makes life much simpler and more expedient for the vast majority of your visitors.

Why do I need an RSVP Service?

There are a lot of reasons why you should think about requesting guests to respond to your invitation directly through our RVSP site rather than utilizing traditional response cards and phone calls, and one of those reasons is that it will save you time. To begin, you won't have to be concerned about anything being misplaced or misdelivered in the mail (or being misplaced before it even reaches the mailbox). Another fantastic winner? It is not necessary for you to manually keep track of responses, thus that is one thing that may be removed from your event checklist.

Other Events you might need an RSVP for

  • Wedding Guest List (Free)
  • Baby Shower (Free)
  • Conferences
  • Birthday Party
  • Workshop Seminars
  • All Event Types Complimentary Tickets

How it works

1. Attendee visit RSVP Site, Fill in Name, Email & Phone Number

2. Attendee receives ticket instantly via Email

How do i get started ?

Contact our support channels for details.

+233 55 941 6230

+233 55 905 1324

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